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Diamond Events | Blair O'Neal

Professional Golfer, TV Show Host, Model and Diamond Resorts Ambassador Blair O'Neal stopped by for an exclusive Meet and Greet at Top Golf Virginia Beach. Blair took the time to meet with different Diamond Resort owners and their families while giving them personalized and hands on golf tips and advice right on the tee. Blair was just so nice and absolutely gorgeous, and that swing though! She was able to give me a couple tips on my game too!

Go check out the uber talented Blair O'Neal at blaironeal.com and on IG @blaironealgolf

Taipei, Taiwan

When planning our flight to the Philippines, we were seeing that there were a couple different ways to get there. Flying out of Norfolk was super expensive so we took a China Town bus to New York City and flew out of JFK to cut our flight expenses in half (also, any reason to visit NYC is always a plus). There aren't any direct flights all the way to the Philippines so we had to choose where we wanted to stop and have a layover. We ended up selecting a flight that had a 15 hour layover in Taiwan. We figured that would give us a chance to explore a new city during the layover instead of spending time sitting in the airport waiting for our connecting flight. After an extremely long 15 hour flight on EVA Airlines from JFK (the longest flight I've ever experienced) we landed at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport at five in the morning. A short metro ride west got us to the country's capital of Taipei and we had about half a day to spend in the city.

We arrived to an overcast and chilly day in February. It was so early that the city was oddly quiet and empty. We walked around as everything started to wake up and businesses began opening one by one. We stopped by the first coffee shop we saw to get some caffeine because our internal clocks were all jacked up. We walked through 2/28 Peace Park then continued through a bunch of streets and alleyways and just took in the sights. We let the fact that we just flew across the world sink in.

The first major landmark we stopped at was the Lungshan Temple of Manka. This temple dated back all the way to the 1700s; the fact that this site was constructed 300 years ago is an incredible concept to comprehend. It was peaceful yet busy with hundreds of people praying or meditating or whatever they were doing, they were all at this temple with spiritual thoughts and intentions. I was able to take it in, stop and pray with the other hundreds of people and it felt amazing. Large cauldrons were placed along the grounds with burning incense placed by all those who entered. The sight and smell of incense filled the air. The detailed architecture of all the buildings were a sight to see. This was such a great experience. 

We jumped on the Metro that was conveniently located across from the temple. The metro was surprisingly easy to figure out and navigate. By this time the city was alive and more of what I imagined it being with tons of people in view. We took the blue line to Taipei City Hall. Taipei 101, the 10th largest building in the entire world, loomed over us while we took in more of the city. We then made our way to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. The grounds were filled with tourists and several dance crews practicing in the wide open spaces of Zhongshan Park. Once inside the Hall we were able to see the changing of the guards which was an awesome formal ceremony to witness.

Next stop: food. We stumbled upon the Rilakkuma Cafe by accident. No Trip Advisor or Pinterest research, we were just walking along the street and spotted the cute bear mascot named Rilakkuma, we had to stop in. This restaurant was so freaking cute as it was San-X themed with all the food based off of/formed to look like the characters. We started with a Raspberry and Lychee Soda and a Peach and Rose Soda with bear shaped ice. We weren't too hungry since we'd been snacking all day so we shared the Fried Cheesy Pork Chop with Black Curry Sauce. It was hard to eat since it was so cute, but we did and it was fantastic. Definitely an awesome find. 


Taipei is a city I would definitely love to visit again. The short amount of time we spent here had us wanting more as there's just so much to explore. All the people were welcoming and friendly. There weren't too many people that spoke English but everybody was helpful and understanding of the language barrier. All in all, I would highly recommend giving this city a closer look when planning a trip to Asia. I know I'm already counting down the days until I can come back and see more of what this beautiful country has to offer.

Sister Hazel

Drew and Ken of Sister Hazel put on an absolutely amazing acoustic performance on a picture perfect summer night. They said they were just a couple of guys who loved to jam together all the way back from their college days. They were soooooo good! They were funny, interactive with the crowd, and great overall entertainers. Hopefully I get to see the full Sister Hazel band sometime in the future!

North End Run Club | Global Running Day | 06.05.18

North End Run Club knows how to do Global Running Day right with one of the largest turnouts to date. The 3-5 mile route had some awesome views including the inlet bridge and new murals throughout the course. Great things happen when you let your mind #runFREE! It also helps with a popup NERC social post run hosted by The Shack. NERC is family and community, get outside, be active, all you have to do is show up.

Check out the Full Album on Facebook: http://facebook.com/northendrunclub

Tidewater Hokies | Tidewater Classic 2018 | 06.01.2018

What a gorgeous day for the Tidewater Hokies Annual Tidewater Classic at Heron Ridge Golf Club proudly presented by Clark Nexsen. After a week of thunderstorms and rain, the Virginia Tech Alumni Association was blessed with a scorcher of a day. It was blazing hot on the course but so much fun thanks in part to the Hokie Hospitality Crew and all the different sponsors that were found throughout the course. 

All proceeds benefit the Virginia Tech Alumni Association (VTAA) Tidewater Chapter and its scholarship fund. 

For more information go to http://www.TidewaterHokies.com

The Motherland

Have you ever seen that "Master of None" episode where Dev and Brian discuss their heritage and their parents upbringing? That episode is a perfect representation of how I've always felt growing up. I am Filipino, yet so much has been unknown to me about my own heritage, about being Filipino. Growing up I never took the time to learn about where my parents are from, it was never a real priority as a kid. I never knew how my parents grew up and their entire journey of how they got to the United States. Yeah I've heard bits and pieces and different stories about them and the Philippines as a whole, but I feel like I've always taken my parents for granted and what they've accomplished in their lives. I feel like as normal human beings living our own lives we all take our parents for granted in some sort of fashion. How well do we really know our parents? I know that my parents are from the Philippines, but to be blatantly honest, I really know nothing about the Philippines. I've always had our famous Filipino pride but what does that really mean??  For so long it has always been on my list to travel to my parents' homeland and in February of this year all the cards aligned. Timing, finances, work, just everything lined up and my girlfriend and I were blessed to make the journey all the way around the world to the Motherland of the Philippines. In the next few weeks I'll be posting our journey and trek all the way across the world. Follow along on the blog and subscribe!

Diamond Concert Series

I've had the pleasure of working for Diamond Resorts for about three years now capturing their Special Events and more specifically the Diamond Resorts Concert Series for the Hampton Roads area. The Diamond Resorts Concert Series are intimate invite only concerts headlined by several different National Country acts such as Jana Kramer, Colt Ford, LeeAnn Womack, Lee Brice, and Cole Swindell. Over the past three years I've got to meet and work with a lot of amazing and talented people. I always have such an awesome time listening to and discovering new music all while getting amazing images of all the different artists. I'm looking forward to another awesome summer season with Diamond Resorts!