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DP - For the Love Of ft. D.R.A.M.

The hometown boys are at it again! Off of DP's latest mixtape "Designer Casket" that dropped today, DP goes off on a slow, grimey, and dark trap track called "For the Love Of". D.R.A.M. balances out the haunting track with his signature singing. My only complaint that the track is too short clocking in at right over 2 minutes; the song is so good that I have to keep it on repeat to hear more, which isn't a bad thing. Dope video too!

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Video: Sunny & Gabe - Downtown

This shit is so dope! The track is absolutely bananas; the video is so fun, vivid and colorful to match the spirited vibe. The Norfolk duo just keeps on killing it, dropping a perfect anthem for the summer. I thought the first part of the song was nuts, then the breakdown where the beat switches just takes this song to a-whole-nother level. Samples, soul, hand claps, screams, tempo changes, air horns; this track has everything you ever wanted, all the feels!

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Liquid - Dirty Money

The homie Liquid drops a visual for his latest project "Dirty Money" blessed with a dope production from IAmNekoAires. The Virginia Beach based rapper goes in, most notably talks about the former Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell who was just sentenced to prison on charges of corruption earlier this year. Dope lyrics and content, especially coming out of the hometown. Check him out!