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Migos - Look at My Dab (Diplo & bad Royale Remix)

Bad Royale does it again on the hottest current dance trend; first it was their remix to the Whip and Nae Nae, now America's favorite "Look at My Dab". I don't care if mainstream media killed it, and white people took it over, the Dab is still dope, lol. Diplo jumps on with the Cali producers and turns the Migos banger into an even better song. This should extend the Dab's 15 minutes of fame a little longer. 

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Silento - Watch Me (Bad Royale Remix)

This is my shit right here! You can catch me whipping in the car down the interstate when I hear "Watch Me" on the radio every time guaranteed. This amazing trap remix by LA based trio Bad Royale has been making its rounds at every major music festival this summer. The remix still keeps the main chorus intact which still allows for the best dance of the summer, then it turns up with monster drops throughout (Throw up Trap Arms!!) Free download too!!