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Nacpan Beach, El Nido

The overnight storm from Typhoon Basyang caused us to rearrange our schedule while we were at Erlittop. The rains came down so hard during the night that the next morning the travel company was reporting mudslides and unsafe highways that led into the city of El Nido. We previously planned on doing the island hopping tours, but we were unfortunately forced to reschedule those to later in the week. Thankfully, there were still some roads that were drive-able. The travel company suggested visiting Nacpan Beach and Nagkalit-Kalit Falls. We had no other choice as those were our only available options. We hopped back on another terrifying van and we were ready for our beach excursion.


Our first stop was Nagkalit-kalit Falls. We came to a stop on the side of the main road. A number of small shacks lined the highway and what looked like someone’s Lola (Grandma) greeted us. Our guide handed us walking sticks and said we had to follow him to get to the falls. I was expecting a short stroll past the shacks. Instead, what we got was a 45 minute hike through the actual jungle, all while in our flip flops and swim suits. We were prepared for relaxation on the beach but were surprised with an impromptu hike through shallow rivers and rough terrain. It was unexpected, at times it was tough, but it ended up being a wonderful journey. It felt like we were transported to Jurassic Park with the open fields and beautiful landscape. It was an experience like no other. The end of the path finally led us to a pair of waterfalls. There was a small waterfall that welcomed us. We were able to swim in the plunge basin. It was refreshing and cool as the heat of the day started coming down on us. To get to the second waterfall we had to climb up the side of a steep incline, overlooking the first waterfall, using a slippery rope. I was not going to risk bringing my DSLR or my iPhone, so I left those behind with one of our guides. This path was maybe a quarter of a mile up that led to the main falls. The Nagkalit-kalit Falls were absolutely gorgeous, a literal hidden gem, and an overall amazing adventure to get there. We took some time to be immersed in the falls and hang out and enjoy the water. Then we made our trek back to our van to head to Nacpan.


It was a short drive west to reach our destination. There were some sketchy parts of the road due to the storm but we were able to make it. When we finally arrived to Nacpan Beach our jaws just dropped. The views of the beach were breathtaking. Bold blue water matched the blue skies. Lush greenery contrasted with the clean and clear sand. Massive islands outlined the sea in the distance. This was a sandy stretch of Heaven. It was the most picturesque postcard. There were a lot of people but there were long stretches of beach that were just untouched and peaceful. There was a large gazebo and a rock jetty that stuck out in the middle of the ocean extending pretty far out. We took the time to soak in both the beauty of the beach and warmth of the sun and just enjoy our time.

We were ready for some lunch and some drinks. There were a couple different options directly on the beach. We stopped by Sunmai Sunset, a more modern looking outdoor restaurant compared to the other establishments. This place was buzzing with a live reggae band and party atmosphere. The food took a little long as it looked like the kitchen was slammed. But the drinks were flowing quickly, Mango Margaritas, San Miguels, Pina Coladas, and of course, a whole coconut with a straw. Such an awesome find.

We didn’t even plan on coming here but I’m so glad we did. The rainstorm was a blessing in disguise, and led us to this beautiful beach with the most amazing views that I will never forget in my life.

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