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Hundred Waters - Show Me Love (Skrillex Remix) ft. Chance The Rapper

This song is so dope. Never heard the original or the band Hundred Waters, but the Skrillex rework and Chance feature got me to listen instantly. Hundred Waters is an Indie Folk band from the University of Florida that somehow ended up signing with Skrillex's OWSLA label. An unexpected pairing with the predominantly electric heavy acts but good music is good music. Can't wait to hear more.

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Video: Valentino Khan - Deep Down Low

Finally the biggest song of last summer has a video. Valentino Khan's "Deep Down Low" smashed every festival last season. It was actually the #1 played song by DJ's last year. This video is disturbing to say the least, lol, it's like a car crash you have to watch. Also Skrillex makes a brief appearance, see if you can find him if you can make it through the entire video.

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Torro Torro - Make a Move (Skrillex Remix)

Haven't listened to much of the Canadian duo Torro Torro but I see Skrillex hop on a remix and I had to listen. The original "Make a Move" is more of a big room house anthem, the OWSLA boss gets his hands on it and Sonny turns it into a dubstep banger, a welcome return from all the pop anthems Skrillex has been on lately. The remix is grimey, dirty, and I actually prefer it better than the original. 

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Justin Bieber - I'll Show You

Another one (DJ Khaled Voice). JB and Skrillex drop "I'll Show You", a lovestep ballad where it's stripped down and Justin's voice gets to shine the entire song. It's crazy how much Skrillex has grown musically over the years from where he started to where he is now, dude is crazy diverse and I love it. Again, "Purpose" is going to do numbers! Like platinum off the back, a feat that's hard to do in the digital age. "Purpose" drops Nov. 13th.

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Justin Bieber - Sorry

This album is going to be fire. Here's another banger from Skrillex and JB called "Sorry", they're just on a roll making it their third collaboration in a row. I saw one site saying it's his 3 stages of grief, "Where Are U Now?", "What Do You Mean?", and now "Sorry", lol. It has a subtle dancehall track feel which I'm digging and the video features the all girls ReQuest Dance Crew and Royal Family Mega Crew, both from New Zealand and I've been following both online for awhile now. Super fun and colorful video. "Purpose" drops Nov. 19th.

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Big Grams - Drum Machine ft. Skrillex

Big Boi + Phantogram = Big Grams + Skrillex!!!! Banger from the newest EDM hip hop group Big Grams called "Drum Machine"; they have a crazy chemistry and with Skrillex provided a bouncy bass heavy track this is bound to be a hit. Some trap, some jersey bounce, some hardstyle, just dope all around.

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Video: Justin Bieber - What Do You Mean?

I just can't get enough of this song! Kinda reminds me of Kygo with the tropical sounding instruments and feel, but surprisingly enough it was produced by Skrillex which absolutely blows my mind. The video is dumb as shit but the featured girl Xenia Deli is hot and got me to watch it, it even has John Leguizamo in it for absolutely no reason. Regardless of the shitty video, the song is dope and JB continues to kill it.

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Dillon Francis - This Mixtape is Fire.

It's finally here!! Mr. Francis has slowly been releasing bangers off his new EP but now we get the 6 track masterpiece that's loaded with a bunch of guest features. The first 4 tracks are moombah heavy, definitely get you hype with Skrillex, Bro Safari, and an unexpected collab with Calvin Harris. Then the last 2 tracks are chill with Kygo and Chromeo lending their signature styles. Bangers from top to bottom!

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