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Video: Valentino Khan - Deep Down Low

Finally the biggest song of last summer has a video. Valentino Khan's "Deep Down Low" smashed every festival last season. It was actually the #1 played song by DJ's last year. This video is disturbing to say the least, lol, it's like a car crash you have to watch. Also Skrillex makes a brief appearance, see if you can find him if you can make it through the entire video.

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Valentino Khan - Deep Down Low (Party Favor Remix)

I've been hearing Valentino Khan's monster dance hit "Deep Down Low" all summer. Everybody and their mom has been remixing the track but LA producer Party Favor probably takes the crown with a sick trap remix that is just freaking nuts! All the original elements are kept in the song but he slows it down and turns it on its head, with trap and hardstyle at the end, banger!