Rico Marcelo Photography


Lee Ann Womack

Didn't know too much of Lee Ann Womack, but I knew her one song "I Hope You Dance". I remember my mom would listen to this burned country CD on long road trips and Lee Ann Womack's "I Hope You Dance" would be the last song. The Grammy award winner put on an amazing show of pure vocal talent and the fact that she's been doing it for 22 years and still going strong is a testament to that. She was just so gracious and nice to meet and work with. I was honored I got to hear her voice and see her perform. And she ended with "I Hope You Dance"! Thank you for bringing back all road trip memories!

WWE Live | SummerSlam Heat Wave Tour

Such an awesome show top to bottom, it's always amazing to see the superstars live and up close, they really are real life superheroes and performers. We got to see a street fight, two title matches, and Alicia Fox told me to shut up to my face, haaaaaaaa. Hey Vince or Triple H, sign me as an official WWE photographer please!

Lauren Alaina

I remember watching the 10th season of American Idol back in the day with Lauren Alaina on it and saying she definitely should have won over Scotty McCreery. Seeing and hearing Lauren perform live just reaffirmed that thought 100 times over. Lauren was just an overall amazing performer and her voice was freaking magical! I caught myself at times not shooting and just watching and listening to the show. She performed different songs from her albums and her latest single that reached #1 "What Ifs" which I was super excited to hear. She sang a medley of songs that influenced her which included both past and current rock, country, and pop hits. She even belted out an acapella Alicia Keys ballad which was gorgeous, the girl got pipes! Congrats to Lauren on her recent engagement and her upcoming tour opening for Cole Swindell on the "Reason to Drink" fall tour. Hope to see you soon!

The Shine Project Foundation | 2nd Annual Beach Fun Day | 06.28.18

The Shine Project Foundation Beach Fun Day is one of my most favorite and most fulfilling events that I am blessed to be able to cover each year. Not only do I get to see and work along my sister and family from the west coast, but I get to partake in such a fun event and service. My sister Cheryl and her husband Rob started and currently operate The Shine Project Foundation out of Carlsbad, CA. Their mission is to help bridge the gap between families with children with special needs and local communities by partnering with businesses and organizations to provide special enrichment events and opportunities. They started the inaugural The Shine Project Foundation Beach Fun Day last year in their hometown of Virginia Beach and look to make this an annual event on this coast. This year they teamed up with VB Surf Sessions to help the special needs kids have an amazing surf and beach day in Croatan. Thanks to all the volunteers and participants for making this such a special day!

Learn more about The Shine Project Foundation and how you can get involved at http://theshineprojectfoundation.org

Diamond Events | Blair O'Neal

Professional Golfer, TV Show Host, Model and Diamond Resorts Ambassador Blair O'Neal stopped by for an exclusive Meet and Greet at Top Golf Virginia Beach. Blair took the time to meet with different Diamond Resort owners and their families while giving them personalized and hands on golf tips and advice right on the tee. Blair was just so nice and absolutely gorgeous, and that swing though! She was able to give me a couple tips on my game too!

Go check out the uber talented Blair O'Neal at blaironeal.com and on IG @blaironealgolf

Taipei, Taiwan

When planning our flight to the Philippines, we were seeing that there were a couple different ways to get there. Flying out of Norfolk was super expensive so we took a China Town bus to New York City and flew out of JFK to cut our flight expenses in half (also, any reason to visit NYC is always a plus). There aren't any direct flights all the way to the Philippines so we had to choose where we wanted to stop and have a layover. We ended up selecting a flight that had a 15 hour layover in Taiwan. We figured that would give us a chance to explore a new city during the layover instead of spending time sitting in the airport waiting for our connecting flight. After an extremely long 15 hour flight on EVA Airlines from JFK (the longest flight I've ever experienced) we landed at Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport at five in the morning. A short metro ride west got us to the country's capital of Taipei and we had about half a day to spend in the city.

We arrived to an overcast and chilly day in February. It was so early that the city was oddly quiet and empty. We walked around as everything started to wake up and businesses began opening one by one. We stopped by the first coffee shop we saw to get some caffeine because our internal clocks were all jacked up. We walked through 2/28 Peace Park then continued through a bunch of streets and alleyways and just took in the sights. We let the fact that we just flew across the world sink in.

The first major landmark we stopped at was the Lungshan Temple of Manka. This temple dated back all the way to the 1700s; the fact that this site was constructed 300 years ago is an incredible concept to comprehend. It was peaceful yet busy with hundreds of people praying or meditating or whatever they were doing, they were all at this temple with spiritual thoughts and intentions. I was able to take it in, stop and pray with the other hundreds of people and it felt amazing. Large cauldrons were placed along the grounds with burning incense placed by all those who entered. The sight and smell of incense filled the air. The detailed architecture of all the buildings were a sight to see. This was such a great experience. 

We jumped on the Metro that was conveniently located across from the temple. The metro was surprisingly easy to figure out and navigate. By this time the city was alive and more of what I imagined it being with tons of people in view. We took the blue line to Taipei City Hall. Taipei 101, the 10th largest building in the entire world, loomed over us while we took in more of the city. We then made our way to Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. The grounds were filled with tourists and several dance crews practicing in the wide open spaces of Zhongshan Park. Once inside the Hall we were able to see the changing of the guards which was an awesome formal ceremony to witness.

Next stop: food. We stumbled upon the Rilakkuma Cafe by accident. No Trip Advisor or Pinterest research, we were just walking along the street and spotted the cute bear mascot named Rilakkuma, we had to stop in. This restaurant was so freaking cute as it was San-X themed with all the food based off of/formed to look like the characters. We started with a Raspberry and Lychee Soda and a Peach and Rose Soda with bear shaped ice. We weren't too hungry since we'd been snacking all day so we shared the Fried Cheesy Pork Chop with Black Curry Sauce. It was hard to eat since it was so cute, but we did and it was fantastic. Definitely an awesome find. 


Taipei is a city I would definitely love to visit again. The short amount of time we spent here had us wanting more as there's just so much to explore. All the people were welcoming and friendly. There weren't too many people that spoke English but everybody was helpful and understanding of the language barrier. All in all, I would highly recommend giving this city a closer look when planning a trip to Asia. I know I'm already counting down the days until I can come back and see more of what this beautiful country has to offer.

Sister Hazel

Drew and Ken of Sister Hazel put on an absolutely amazing acoustic performance on a picture perfect summer night. They said they were just a couple of guys who loved to jam together all the way back from their college days. They were soooooo good! They were funny, interactive with the crowd, and great overall entertainers. Hopefully I get to see the full Sister Hazel band sometime in the future!