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Lee Ann Womack

Didn't know too much of Lee Ann Womack, but I knew her one song "I Hope You Dance". I remember my mom would listen to this burned country CD on long road trips and Lee Ann Womack's "I Hope You Dance" would be the last song. The Grammy award winner put on an amazing show of pure vocal talent and the fact that she's been doing it for 22 years and still going strong is a testament to that. She was just so gracious and nice to meet and work with. I was honored I got to hear her voice and see her perform. And she ended with "I Hope You Dance"! Thank you for bringing back all road trip memories!

Lauren Alaina

I remember watching the 10th season of American Idol back in the day with Lauren Alaina on it and saying she definitely should have won over Scotty McCreery. Seeing and hearing Lauren perform live just reaffirmed that thought 100 times over. Lauren was just an overall amazing performer and her voice was freaking magical! I caught myself at times not shooting and just watching and listening to the show. She performed different songs from her albums and her latest single that reached #1 "What Ifs" which I was super excited to hear. She sang a medley of songs that influenced her which included both past and current rock, country, and pop hits. She even belted out an acapella Alicia Keys ballad which was gorgeous, the girl got pipes! Congrats to Lauren on her recent engagement and her upcoming tour opening for Cole Swindell on the "Reason to Drink" fall tour. Hope to see you soon!

Sister Hazel

Drew and Ken of Sister Hazel put on an absolutely amazing acoustic performance on a picture perfect summer night. They said they were just a couple of guys who loved to jam together all the way back from their college days. They were soooooo good! They were funny, interactive with the crowd, and great overall entertainers. Hopefully I get to see the full Sister Hazel band sometime in the future!

Something Special w/D.R.A.M. & DP | Powered by Pigeons & Planes & Complex | 12.27.14 | Pics

Amazing show powered by Pigeons & Planes and Complex! Big up to D.R.A.M. and DP for shutting it down and all of the special appearances! The crowd was so hype! Definitely honored to be a part of this night. Stand up 757! VA!

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The Rap Monument

Late but definitely had to post this! Hennessey and Noisey some how got 35+ of today's hottest rappers on one cypher track produced by G.O.O.D. Music's Hudson Mohawke with additional production from S-Type and Nick Hook. If you have 42 minutes to kill, an array of up and comers and mainstays kill a seamless freestyle track that bangs; Pusha T, Prodigy, Action Bronson, Raekwon, YG, Young Thug, Danny Brown, and the list just goes on.

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Video: Gwen Stefani - Spark the Fire

You can't go wrong with Skateboard P and Gwen back together. They recapture that "Hollaback Girl" magic with another banger called "Spark the Fire". The track is just simply fun, Gwen has that Migos flow throughout the verses and the chanting hooks and chorus is infectious. The video is crazy, colorful and animated with a million emojis. Dope!

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Krewella - Say Goodbye

"Say Goodbye" is the first release from Krewella after the separation of Kris "Rainman" from the group. I always look forward to new material from the sisters but I'm not digging the Drum n' Bass sound, I'm just not a fan. Someone compared this to Evanescence, lol. Hopefully this is just one song and not the new direction of the group sans Rainman. What do you think?