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Alicia Keys - In Common

New Alicia!!! It was 2012 since Mrs. Swizz Beats last released her own album, she's had a couple features here and there but she's been relatively quiet for awhile. Alicia debuted "In Common" on last weekend's SNL. More and more we hear more of the Dancehall infusion in to pop and mainstream, "In Common" follows that tropical vibe. A little different from what we are used to hearing, doesn't showcase her voice too much, she's in a falsetto for most of the song, and not much piano, but the song is fire! New song and a new album has been confirmed for later this year. What do you think?

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Video: Ariana Grande - Dangerous Woman (Visual 1)

Ok Ariana Grande! She cute! Ms. Grande drops the first set of visuals for her lead single and title track off her upcoming third album. She said this song, which I absolutely love, makes her feel two types of way, sleek and sexy, and also strong and powerful. The first visual displays the sexy and sensual side, her most revealing video to date, with a second visual and more conceptual video on the way.

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Video: Future - Low Life ft. The Weeknd

This is my jam! The video though, I have no idea what's going on, it's like a post apocalyptic future. They are in an abandoned warehouse and there's a hot girl roaming around, and everyone's driving Mad Max cars. I will probably never watch this video again and waste 5 minutes of my life, but the song is so dope that it doesn't even matter. 

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Video: Tinashe - Party Favors

2 new Tinashe videos in the matter of days; Christmas must've come early! Dope video to match the dope underrated song, pretty much just the 22 year old chilling at a party in a mini skirt, you can't beat that. The video is missing Young Thug, but I'm not complaining at all. I can't wait for "Joyride" slated to drop early next year.

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Snakehips - All My Friends ft. Tinashe and Chance The Rapper

Don't know too much about London based duo Snakehips but throw Tinashe and Chance The Rapper on a track and I have to listen. "All My Friends" is an anti-party anthem, chill and mellow track where our fav Tinashe and Chi-town rapper Chance both get to shine. With me getting up there in my age, lol, I definitely relate to the track, I dig it.

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Banks - Better

This is so much fire! Banks is back and "Better" than ever!! See what I did right there. Her new single "Better" is just pure emotion, showing off her raw amazing vocals in an unorthodox style of a song that I can't really figure out the layout of but it's absolutely mesmerizing. The video is just as dope with the 27 wrapped in gold and also stripped down (NSFW). No word on an official follow up to her debut "Goddess" but she said there's an album ready for early next year. 

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Video: Tinashe - Player ft. Chris Brown

We have a #WCE on Tinashe here and her new video with Chris Brown "Player" shows us why. The 22 year old can sing, dance, and she's completely drop dead gorgeous. The concept is pretty dope where she has a different dance battle each round, with C. Breezy being the final round. I'm pretty sure she'd lose in a fight with Chris Brown, but that's none of my business, lol. Probably the only time I've been jealous of being Chris Brown though. Check out her new sultry and sexy video.

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