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Video: Future - Low Life ft. The Weeknd

This is my jam! The video though, I have no idea what's going on, it's like a post apocalyptic future. They are in an abandoned warehouse and there's a hot girl roaming around, and everyone's driving Mad Max cars. I will probably never watch this video again and waste 5 minutes of my life, but the song is so dope that it doesn't even matter. 

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The Weeknd - The Hills (Remix) ft. Eminem

The best and The best. Detroit's favorite son blesses the best song out right now with a couple verses. Em goes in!! Hearing Em on a trap beat is awesome! The Weeknd dropped 2 bombs right before performing on SNL last night, not just one remix with Marshall, but another remix with Nicki Minaj which he actually performed with on SNL. The Weeknd is absolutely on fire right now! 

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The Weeknd - The Hills

I believe The Weeknd is incapable of making bad music, everything that Abel drops is fire. After tearing up the radio with the 50 Shades "Earned It", the Canadian singer drops "The Hills"; don't know why and don't know what project it's coming up on but it's dope and in no way am I complaining. Bass heavy trap slow jam; this song is absolutely perfect. On repeat.

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Video: The Weeknd - Earned It

I'm pretty sure The Weeknd doesn't make bad anything, music, videos, decisions, lol. "Earned It" is the first song off the "Fifty Shades of Grey" Soundtrack. The video is actually directed by the film's director Sam-Taylor Johnson as well. The Weeknd also has another song on the soundtrack called "Where You Belong". "Fifty Shades of Grey" hits theaters next Friday.

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